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A Brief Introduction:

What is Empire Provisions? A tongue-in-cheek name that represents our small, family-run operation.  Our Empire is built on hand-crafted specialties, of which we rely on the product of our trusted local farmers to create. 

Our products are all made by hand, our hands.

We may be the king and queen of this Empire, but we are also the minions.

The end result is a labour of love that we share amongst our family and friends.

Our kingdom stretches far...from one end of the dinner table to the other.

It is where rules are made, laughter is shared and bad meal forbidden.

Where we’ve been and where we are from are all deeply reflected in our products.  We firmly believe that sustainable, well-prepared food can also be accessible and affordable.  

Thank you for taking the time to share a meal with our goods. 

Welcome to our Empire.  Enjoy.


At the heart of all of our recipes is the desire to express the quality of our meat.  Like-minded Alberta farms provide us with the landscape to showcase our unique take on fresh sausages, burgers and prepared meals.

Our charcuterie is the harmonious result of when technique and passion unite.  Our salamis, pates and cured meats are skillfully prepared to add a bold and flavourful sustenance to your dinner table.

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