Empire Provisions turns edible memories into new charcuterie shop

“We sell all the things I want to eat,” Sturies says simply.

Through trial and error, Sturies has tweaked recipes until he has created edible memories of the couple’s travels, all packaged up neatly in fresh and cured meats. The ideas have come from their backgrounds — the Phillipines for her, Italy for him — along with their trips together.

It’s about the taste of a specific country, an adaptation of their experiences, those spices and flavours that go into their creations.

 “I don’t have an amazing memory for life events,” says Sturies with a laugh. “I have an amazing memory when it comes to food and flavours and meals.”

Kho’s favourite are the grelot salamis that they first had while attending a wedding in France. They had grabbed a couple of the sausages and some cheese from a tiny shop and then ate them together in a park.

Sturies recreated those sausages here.

“He can recreate a memory special to us and we can share it with other people,” says Kho.

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David Sturies