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Café, Deli + Custom Catering

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Built on our belief that sustainable, well-prepared food can also be accessible and affordable, our vision is supported by our trusted local farmers who raise their livestock humanely, free of added hormones and antibiotics.  Backed by a team that puts it all together with the same love of good food that inspired us to start this journey together just a few years ago.

We invite you to our café headquarters to enjoy breakfast and lunch with us, find what you need to make dinner at home or to host your own gathering with our quality products.



We believe the best meals are shared amongst great company, or at the very least, very good wine.

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Our catering menu has been designed to showcase our unique offerings to take your event to the next level. Our prepared meals and charcuterie boards are customizable to meet your needs.


Our Story

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In the beginning we were a one-man, one-woman operation, toiling away at our day jobs to run home to stuff sausage casings at night. Our vision was simple.  World domination, one link at a time.

Our beginnings were humble, starting in a shared kitchen space off of 17th Avenue providing products to some of Calgary's best restaurants and our cheeky "back alley meat deliveries" to our loyal, but small fan base.  As our operation grew, we began to look for a home to call our own.

Opportunity came a-knocking and we established our first storefront in October 2017. Our two person operation has now expanded to include a solid team of kitchen mavericks and customer service enthusiasts.

We are thrilled to share our labour of love with new customers, inspire home cooks with our sausages and charcuterie; and continue to be inspired by the passion of the farmers we work with.

Welcome to our Empire. Thank you for taking the time to enjoy a meal with our goods.